But we don't think this happens by ignoring, side-stepping, or rejecting the clear teaching of Scripture of what a woman is called to be.


Rather, we believe that when we encourage women to adorn the gospel by fully embracing the Biblical vision for their feminine callings, they become incredibly powerful forces for gospel advance in their homes and churches, and, thereby, the world.

Yes, Scripture beautifully and unmistakably teaches that men and women are equal in dignity and value but distinct in calling, and that men are assigned by God to bear a unique responsibility for (and therefore authority in) their marriages, homes, and churches. It is good and right to call men to the glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility and to loving and leading those under their care well.


But too often churches stop there, leaving women feeling sidelined or overlooked, unclear on how - or even if - they fit. This not only leads unfairly to frustration for women who are all-in on their churches thriving, but it weakens the work and witness of the church itself. 


When we come to the pages of Scripture, we see that this is not how things are meant to be. Even a casual reading of the New Testament shows women not only fully devoted to the thriving of their homes, but also fully engaged in gospel work, partnering with their husbands and pastors by bringing all of their energies, giftings, experiences, and insights to the table.


That's where Kalos Conversations comes in.


We are committed to helping churches create discipleship communities where women can be helped to believe the gospel, understand and embrace their femininity, and get mobilized to partner fully in gospel ministry through the local church. Through our podcast and field guides, we hope to give you theological vision and how-to specifics for seeing this happen in your community.